Former Prosecutor Explains Why Trump’s Latest Antics Are A Gift For Jack Smith

Former US Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Thursday revealed what he believes is Donald Trump’s latest “tacit admission” of wrongdoing.

Earlier in the day, the former president and 2024 Republican front-runner ranted in capital letters on his Truth Social platform that he should be granted total immunity if the actions he took while in the White House were indeed unlawful.

“A president of the United States must have full immunity, without which it is impossible for him to function properly. Any misconduct, even if well-intentioned, will almost certainly be subject to indictment by the opposing party at the end of the term. Even events that ‘cross the line’ must be within total immunity, or there will be years of trauma trying to determine good and bad.”

“If Donald Trump posts something, there’s a good chance he’s admitting something,” said Kirschner, who called the rant a “tacit admission” or “implied admission” of the four-times-impeached Trump’s guilt.

“But you really don’t need to read between the lines,” Kirschner continued on his Justice Matters podcast. “This is Donald Trump demanding immunity for himself, because he is always worried about what happens to other people, other presidents for example. He wanted immunity for himself even when things crossed the line.”

Kirschner said the posts “may not be as directly damning” as some of Trump’s other confessions, but he added that they were “not that bad.”

Former President Donald Trump remains the Republican front-runner in 2024 despite being charged in four criminal cases.Former President Donald Trump remains the Republican front-runner in 2024 despite being charged in four criminal cases.

Alexi J. Rosenfeld via Getty Images

“If I were a prosecutor, I would take a government exhibition sticker, stick it on Donald Trump’s latest confession, and probably keep it in my back pocket,” he explained.

“I would be prepared to introduce it as evidence in one or more of Donald Trump’s criminal trials, not that (special counsel) Jack Smith needs it,” he added. Smith “doesn’t really need any more confessions from Trump, any more damning statements” because he “has more than enough”, he explained.

Trump will likely continue to confess and Smith’s team will “catalog every word, every sentence, every post, because Donald Trump can’t help himself,” Kirschner said. Smith’s team will then “be able to select” the most relevant evidence to present to the jury in the case he brings against Trump.

Watch Kirschner’s analysis here:

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