Fans See Joe Alwyn Connection As Taylor Swift Announces Album Title

Taylor Swift prepared a surprise for her fans during Sunday’s Grammys ceremony, where she revealed that she has a new album just weeks away from being released.

Collecting the award for Best Pop Vocal Album, the chart-topping singer joked: “This is my 13th Grammy, which is my lucky number, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that.”

After thanking the Recording Academy, he continued: “I know that the way the Recording Academy votes is a direct reflection of the passion of the fans.

“So I want to thank the fans by telling you a secret that I have been hiding from you for the past two years, namely my new album which will be released on April 19.”

Taylor Swift at the Grammys on Sunday nightTaylor Swift at the Grammys on Sunday night

VALERIE MACON via Getty Images

Taylor then revealed that her album would be called The Tortured Poets Department, and it didn’t take long for people to link it to the singer’s ex, Joe Alwyn, with whom she split last year.

During an interview with Variety in December 2022, Joe and fellow actor Paul Mescal revealed that they were part of a group chat called The Tortured Man Club, which apparently also featured Andrew Scott.

Taylor Swift’s exes Joe Alwyn and Paul Mescal have a group text called “The Tortured Man Club.”

Taylor Swift’s new album is called “The Tortured Poets Department”

What does it mean?

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) February 5, 2024

Taylor’s new album is called The Tortured Poet Department when I found out Joe alwyn was in a group chat with Paul mescal and Andrew Scott calling the tortured men’s club…

— Megan (@holdupalight_) February 5, 2024

Taylor Swift calls her album The Tortured Poets Dept and Joe Alwyn, Andrew Scott, and Paul Mescal have a group called the Tortured Man Club??????????????????????? ?

— Meech (@MediumSizeMeech) February 6, 2024

The Tortured Poets Department is Taylor’s first album released since splitting from Joe in 2023.

Since then, she briefly dated The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, and is now in a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Early Tuesday morning, Taylor revealed the tracklisting for his latest album, with song titles including My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys, But Daddy I Love Him, I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can), The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and So Old, London.

Every song title from The Tortured Poets Department is bad for Joe Alwyn.

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) February 6, 2024

I wasn’t sure at first, but with this song title I really thought The Tortured Poets Department might be his Joe Alwyn farewell album.

— Elizabeth 📜 (@AwkwardPancake) February 6, 2024

Taylor’s new album title? 😭 oh Joe Alwyn

— Kaira (@alwayswithjongs) February 6, 2024

During their relationship, Joe received writing and production credits on several of Taylor’s songs, including Exile, Champagne Problems, and This Is Me Trying.

As a result, the Conversations With Friends actor actually became a Grammy winner after receiving the Album Of The Year award as a contributor to Taylor’s Folklore album.

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