You need to play the best racing game of the year on Nintendo Switch as soon as possible

It is important to have some hope. Sure, it’s easy to wish for big things like climate change projects, medical breakthroughs, or more episodes. inheritance But even small expectations matter. You imagine that your DoorDash order is going just right, or your latest swipe right could be your last. Hope abounds in gaming, too. We all want to win while hoping to be the best. How many times can we prove it? If you have a Nintendo Switch, the answer is right now.

f-zero 99 Traffic in hope. The 99-person battle royale complex invites a certain level of optimism. Zooming in on the futuristic but retro track, you’ll wonder, am I good enough? Usually, no, you’re not. The old gamers who dominated local neighborhoods in the SNES era now have to adjust to the current bottomless online talent pool. The skill difference doesn’t matter, as this classic tribute still manages to provide one of the best racing experiences of this or any other year.

The Switch Online exclusive provides a glimmer of hope for longtime fans who have been praying that Nintendo would do something with this acclaimed franchise. This Shadow release is definitely a step in the right direction for Captain Falcon, bringing that hope back with this fantastic multiplayer experience.

The premise is simple: you and 98 other racers compete in a knock-down drag-out race to the end. Each lap has a cutoff that eliminates the bottom five racers, not that it’s noticeable with all the chaos happening onscreen. All of the tracks are from the original game, though slightly enlarged to accommodate 99 racers, and the visuals are stunning. This is a good reminder for both old and new players f zero Deserves its place in gaming history. The soundtrack alone is worth checking out for a race or two.

As you pass each round, you have to keep a careful eye on your energy meter. This is both your life bar and your boost meter. Spend too much to move ahead, there is a risk of ruin. Spend too little and you’ll never win anything. Like the original, you can recharge by driving through the pit stop area at the beginning of each lap, which encourages you to “spend” your energy because you know you’ll get some of it back.

Some new features help facilitate competitive racing on a 99-person scale. As you race around the track (look for the golden cars that drop them) you can collect energy orbs to unlock a super boost that sends you down a road in the sky. By rising above the chaos you gain a lot of speed and take massive shortcuts; This is a game changer on the level of the infamous Blue Shell Mario Kart.

There’s also a spin attack that you can use to damage other racers or position yourself defensively whenever one is about to collide with you. Like the boost meter, there’s a risk/reward component here that requires some careful consideration if you’re trying to win. If you’re just trying to hurt other people, it’s a lot of fun to use.

The lobbies are filling up fast…for now.


f-zero 99 It has some other features you’d expect from a competitive racing game. You earn tickets as you play that can be spent on some cosmetic upgrades, or you can use them to enter Grand Prix events designed to attract the best. As you play, you’ll also level up by earning points by staying ahead of your so-called “rivals,” which are players rated at your skill level in the game.

It’s really hard to say how much fun it is f-zero 99 That’s especially true for a free title (technically you need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online). If you’re at all curious, now’s the time to play while the hype is at its peak and lobbies are filling up fast. Major drawback of previous battle royale-type games tetris 99 And pac-man 99 After a few months there was a decline in the player base. Even more reason for you to play f-zero 99 As soon as possible.

f-zero 99 Now available on Nintendo Switch Online.

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