Crystal Discusses Legal Win Over Laurence Fox In Sky News Interview

Drag performer Crystal has given her first triumphant interview since a judge ruled in her favor in her high-profile legal battle with Laurence Fox.

In October 2020, Crystal – whose legal name is Colin Seymour – and former Stonewall trustee Simon Blake filed a defamation lawsuit against the actor after he called them “pedophiles” on X, the social media site then known as Twitter.

After a three-year legal case, a Superior Court judge said Monday afternoon that Fox’s use of the term was “malicious, defamatory and baseless.”

Fox previously filed a counterclaim against both parties, as well as former Coronation Street actor and social commentator Nicola Thorp, over social media posts they shared accusing him of racism. The case was also dismissed on Monday.

Crystal, Nicola Thorp and Simon Blake arrived at court last yearCrystal, Nicola Thorp and Simon Blake arrived at court last year

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Appearing on Sky News on Tuesday morning, the former Drag Race UK contestant told host Kay Burley: “The long and short of it is I called Laurence Fox a racist, and he hit back by calling me a pedophile.

“The judge yesterday ruled that me calling him a racist was not defamation, and him calling me a pedophile was defamation. So, we won in every way, and it was a huge relief and satisfaction after three long years.”

Laurence FoxLaurence Fox

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“I think if I had known from the start that three and a half years later we were still talking about this, I probably would have thought twice,” the Canadian admitted.

“But honestly, he’s a bully, and accusations of pedophilia against people in the queer community, against transgender people, these are old tropes and I don’t want to defend that. I don’t want to let that happen. It honestly feels like if I don’t continue with this, to the end, then it’s a tacit confession. I need to get to the bottom of it and explain that this has no basis in fact.”

Crystal, “I called Laurence Fox a racist. He called me a pedophile. The judge yesterday ruled that me calling him a racist was not defamation. And him calling me a pedophile was defamation. So we have won on all counts” @kristalwillseeu

Kay Burley, “Why did you decide to take…

— Farrukh (@implausibleblog) January 30, 2024

When asked whether Crystal felt sympathy for the former GB News presenter “as a person”, she admitted she was “not there yet”.

“It’s hard to (feel sympathy) because I’ve felt over the last three years felt so attacked by him,” she said, describing his behavior in court as “erratic” and “defensive.”

“He used the N-word in the box, he defended Blackface, he disagreed that saying ‘I hate black people’ was a racist statement, it was really hard to watch,” Crystal said.

For her appearance on Sky News, Crystal paid tribute to Legally Blonde character Elle Woods, played in the film by Reese Witherspoon.

Crystal previously delivered a lengthy statement in response to the judge’s decision on Monday, stating: “I’ve said it before, but pedophilia is one of the oldest and most damaging homophobic tropes.

“Since Mr Fox used that word about me, I have been labeled that way dozens of times, physically threatened, and feared for my safety in public.

“This decision unequivocally states that his tweets were defamatory and detrimental to me. I’m so happy that this has been resolved, and I hope that it will make a difference in the ongoing demonization of queer people as ‘caretakers’ or ‘dangerous’. Here’s a lesson: we won’t accept it.

Nicola Thorp also celebrated the verdict with a message posted on X, which began: “We won. In all respects.”

We won. In all respects.

Over the past three years, Laurence Fox has held us responsible for the collapse of his acting career, his failure to become Mayor of London, and even the rising cost of his car insurance. During my cross-examination, his lawyer even suggested to me…

— Nicola Thorp (@nicolathorp_) January 29, 2024

I would like to say a big thank you to our legal team, Patron Law for their professionalism and support over the last three years.

To our attorneys, Beth and Lorna for their outstanding work in a difficult situation.

To Nikesh who quit his job so he could appear in court every…

— Nicola Thorp (@nicolathorp_) January 29, 2024

Meanwhile, Laurence Fox signaled his intention to appeal the ruling in a message posted on X on Tuesday morning:

I haven’t slept a wink, so forgive me if this is long-winded.

Thoughts on yesterday’s assessment.

6 times judges have now been asked to define what racism is. Still no answer. The appeals court specifically asked the judge in this case to define the word. But he hasn’t.…

— Laurence Fox (@LozzaFox) January 30, 2024

None of this is true. The judge found that he had done more harm to his reputation than ours. Being falsely accused of racism CAN still be defamatory, but maybe not if you spend all your time being a right-wing leader.

By the way, I thought you “won”?

— Crystal (@crystalwillseeu) January 30, 2024

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