Best Sex Positions For People Over 60

As we age, it is natural for our bodies, minds, and daily lives to change. And these changes also bring changes to our sexuality.

But different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It’s possible to have satisfying sex in your 60s or older, even if it’s not the same kind of sex you had in your youth.

For some people, this may mean trying different sex positions that respect their current body and its capabilities, while also exploring other intimate acts that don’t necessarily include penetration.

“Growing older is not about trying to do the same sexual activities you always did before,” clinical sexologist and sexuality educator Lawrence Siegel told Talk News, “but about finding positions and speeds that are more comfortable and making sexual acts more comfortable. more enjoyable.”

“If sex is painful or uncomfortable, it leads to disappointment and avoidance, which reduces the quality of life for both the individual and the couple,” he adds.

Finding ways to be more present and comfortable with your body and less caught up in your thoughts can make sex much more enjoyable at any age.

“People who enjoy sex throughout their lives report that they are able to enjoy their bodies first,” says sex therapist Nan Wise, author of “Why Good Sex Matters.” “Rather than overthinking how our bodies appear to others, the ability to feel connected to the sensations in our bodies and appreciate all that is good about our bodies, rather than focusing on how we think our bodies should look and feel, is key. for lifelong sexual potential.”

We asked sex experts which positions they recommend for people aged 60 and over.

Modified Missionary

Modified missionary is a variation of the tried-and-true sex position.

Illustration:Jianan Liu/Talk News; Photo: Getty Images

Modified missionary is a variation of the tried-and-true sex position.

In the classic missionary sex position, the receiving partner lies on their back, while the penetrating partner is on top of them and facing each other. In this missionary variation, the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs raised and places a pillow under their lower back. This is a good option if standard missionary puts too much pressure on the penetrating partner’s hips or back, says sex therapist Jesse Kahn.

“If in bed, the partner who penetrates then stands on the edge of the bed. This gives the partner additional support while lying down, while the standing partner can use more of their body strength, rather than using their hips,” Kahn, director of the Center for Gender & Sexuality Therapy in New York City, told Talk News.


Sixty-nine is when two partners give and receive oral sex simultaneously. The reversed position of the two bodies – their faces near your genitals, your face near your genitals – looks like the numbers 6 and 9, hence the name.

Traditionally, 69ing is performed with one partner lying on their back and the other partner on top, straddling their partner’s face. But you can also do it lying on your side, facing each other.

“You can play around with positions based on each person’s needs, such as one partner being on top of the other or sideways 69,” Kahn says. “The sideways 69 puts less pressure on the joints and the body to brace itself by placing both partners in an inclined position. Of course, being on a soft surface, such as a bed, can help with comfort and also reduce stress on the body.”

Speed ​​Bumps

For a speed bump, you'll need a regular pillow or a sex toy, if you have one.

Illustration:Jianan Liu/Talk News; Photo: Getty Images

For a speed bump, you’ll need a regular pillow or a sex toy, if you have one.

Also known as “supported rear entry,” the speed bump is a position that involves the receiving partner lying on their stomach with a pillow (a wedged-shaped one can be useful here) under their hips, with the penetrating partner on a table. position, enter from behind.

“This position allows the bottom partner to control the depth and angle of penetration,” says Siegel. “It can also make it easier to reach the G-spot, as well as provide greater control for those who are comfortable or uncomfortable with deep penetration. “You can also add clitoral or penile stimulation by rubbing a pillow or bolster under it.”

For a non-penetrative option, you can have the person on top lying face down, and behind their partner down.

“It can be really fun when a good massage oil is added and the bodies get to rub against each other and it doesn’t have to involve penetration at all,” says Siegel.

“In situations where both partners have vulvas, this position allows the person on top to rub their clitoris and vulva against the bottom of the person below. This can also be an ideal position for strap-on play, even without physical limitations.”

Doggy Style

Doggy style is when the receiving partner is on all fours and the penetrating partner kneels and enters from behind. Kahn recommends this one for people with low mobility and hip pain, but notes that it may not be as comfortable for people with certain types of back pain.

For additional support, the receiving partner can also try placing a pillow (or genitals, if applicable) under his or her pelvic area.

“In this position, you can also play with foot positions, such as wide-legged, according to each body’s needs,” said Kahn.


The spooning position is a great option even if full intercourse is not on the menu.

Illustration:Jianan Liu/Talk News; Photo: Getty Images

The spooning position is a great option even if full intercourse is not on the menu.

When spooning, “both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction, with one partner’s back against the other partner’s front,” explains Siegel.

The advantages of this position: Allows you to explore different types of stimulation without much physical effort, he says, such as “reaching out and playing with your partner’s breasts, vulva, penis or stomach, holding them as close to you as possible. put pressure on them,” Siegel said.

“This can be a good position for entering your partner’s vagina or anus, or simply slipping your penis between your partner’s thighs if full intercourse is not desired. This can be beneficial for those with limited mobility, knee or back pain, or upper body weakness.”

Remember that sex doesn’t have to center on genital penetration to be pleasurable. For many older adults, “it’s about sharing intimacy, affection and emotional satisfaction,” Siegel said.

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