Beauty Trends Women 50 and Over Are Glad to Exist

Many people say that trends are cyclical, but when it comes to beauty and makeup trends, some things just need to stop. A flock of huge seagulls with seagull-like hair and thin eyebrows? They could be gone, although Gen Z seems determined to revive Generation Z, for reasons we don’t fully understand.

And we should definitely say goodbye to tanning beds, given what we know about skin cancer.

In the spirit of letting go of bad trends, we asked women over 50 to share the style and beauty trends they’re glad are no longer around (or at least seem to be leaving soon.) See what they had to say below.

1. Using a can of orange juice as a hair roller

“In the days before hair dryers and round brushes, we made our own beauty products! We’d slather our hair with Dippity-Do and roll it over used frozen orange juice cans. Have you ever slept on a metal roller? There are two possible positions: face down, or with the head hanging over the side of the bed. I take the rollers out in the morning, straighten my hair and lie on my back trying not to move, then try to sleep.” ― Jennifer Ebelhar, 69-year-old style coach and @theStyleEquation on TikTok

2. The oil and foil approach to leather tanning

“Oils and foils are the first beauty trend that I’m glad is gone. If you’re too young to know, this is how we got a tan in the 60s: You’d oil your skin and put foil nearby to reflect the sun’s rays. Yeah, that’s crazy.” ― Sonia Lovett, 71-year-old who runs the fashion blog Style Beyond Age

“We used to rub baby oil all over our bodies when we were young. In fact, when I was in college at UCLA, we had tanning competitions, where we stuck little stickers on our bodies as a basis for comparison and then put baby oil on them and baked them all day. I almost won a dubious event and my damaged skin was the prize! And we would never wear sunscreen. I was one of the few people I knew who wore SPF 15 and people thought I was crazy.” ― Cynthia Gouw, 60-year-old broadcast journalist and beauty influencer

"We had tanning competitions, where we would put little stickers on our bodies as a basis for comparison and then put on baby oil and bake all day," said Cynthia Gouw, a 60-year-old broadcast journalist and beauty influencer.

Romano Cagnoni/RETIRING via Getty Images

“We had tanning competitions, where we would put little stickers on our bodies as a basis for comparison and then put baby oil on them and bake them all day,” said Cynthia Gouw, a 60-year-old broadcast journalist and a beautiful woman. influencer.

3. Excessive plucking of eyebrows

“Please do not wax or pick them yourself like I did. Like many plants, they never grow back! In the 90s, very thin, arched eyebrows were considered fashionable, and many women, myself included, over-plucked or waxed to achieve this look.

“I was forced to buy so many eyebrow pencils, gels, powders, not to mention the huge amounts of money I spent on microblading, micro-feathering, and whatever new eyebrow product I saw on Instagram. I’ve learned how to fill and fluff it to the best of my ability and it looks okay, but if I could tell younger me, it would be, ‘Just leave it alone!’” – Violet Trikilis, a model and style influencer

4. Asymmetrical hairstyle with bleached bangs

“I am 57 years old now. But when I was in high school, Madonna was huge! We all want to be her in her neon pink lace skirt and ripped t-shirt that falls off our shoulders. And we all want to have hair like him, including me and my girlfriend. So, what do two teenage idiots do? We take scissors and cut each other’s hair in an asymmetrical shape. Then we found hair bleach, took some of our bangs, and bleached them. For reference, my natural hair color is dark brown. Yes, we both ended up with orange bangs…not Madonna!

“My mom freaked out and took me to get it fixed and I ended up with a pixie cut and almost jet black hair because the bleach caused so much damage. My Madonna hair dreams ended that day!” ― Michele Baratta-Detwiler, 57-year-old fashion and DIY content creator

Unfortunately, Madonna's performance only works on Madonna.

Michael Putland via Getty Images

Unfortunately, Madonna’s performance only works on Madonna.

5. Cake-like makeup

“I also haven’t seen a super matte loose powder for a long time. Pressed powder for making cakes used to be popular. Now I’m looking for balance, you need to keep your glow and shine as you age, at the same time you don’t want to look like a tin man… so all these super glow products should be used sparingly and in strategic places rather than anywhere else as getting older.” ― Carla Rockmore, a designer and style influencer

6. Helmet head hair

“The days of Aqua Net and perfectly styled hair are thankfully behind us, especially as I don’t want to spend too much time on make-up. Anything done clearly doesn’t look modern to me. I prefer my looks to be subtle but ‘je ne sais quoi’.” – Lovett

Helmet hair, pictured here in a stock photo, is definitely a thing.

Jena Ardell via Getty Images

Helmet hair, pictured here in a stock photo, is definitely a thing.

7. Using milk of magnesia on oily skin

“One beauty trend that makes me grit my teeth is the use of MOM (milk of magnesia) on the face to control oil. This one really bothers my skin because I have oily skin. In the early stages of wearing makeup, I had a hard time learning how to control oil while wearing makeup. I tried everything, including this so-called hack. But after learning of the potential risks to the skin and seeing my makeup clients suffer side effects, I flushed the bottle down the toilet. Now I recommend against jumping on every trend without due diligence. I have recently seen young women using Calamine lotion for the same reason. I hope this one fades too.” ― Dorciah Sloane, 53-year-old makeup artist and style influencer

8. Outrageous eyeshadow shades

The 80s were the period of the most eye-catching eyeshadow colors and people couldn’t get enough glitter! Bright blues, yellows, oranges, fuchsias decorate our eyelids and sometimes all the colors of the rainbow are perfectly balanced on our eyelids. At the time, I was working as a makeup consultant and spending hours doing my makeup so it was so bright you could see it from the moon! In the 80s, eyeshadow and lipstick lasted for days, lasting so long that it was difficult to remove ― perhaps because of the carcinogenic ingredients contained in those products.

“Nowadays, I love a more natural look with eyeshadow that flatters your face! I prefer mineral-based makeup and treatments – makeup that takes care of your skin.” ― Jayne Dalton, a 61-year-old style influencer

Are you really living in the 80s if you don't have a rainbow of eyeshadow?

Rebecca Handler via Getty Images

Are you really living in the 80s if you don’t have a rainbow of eyeshadow?

9. Curled bangs

“You know what’s terrible? Curly 80s bangs are split horizontally with one half curling towards your face and the other flowing back to your Aqua Net-frosted crown! As junior class president and vice president at the high school, my twin sister and I were in charge of decorating the gym into a prom paradise! The night before our senior photos, we spent all night decorating and slept about two hours so we could wake up at 5:30am, dry our permed hair, and style our bangs neatly! With tired eyes we arrived at school and queued to take photos. The photographer’s assistant took the comb and Aqua Net and told us that our hair would look better on camera if he fixed it. In a daze we agreed and took a picture! Then in between the bells ringing, we went to the bathroom and stared in horror at the mall bangs he gave us. It’s true, we snuggled up, but never backed down, and now we’re sporting that look in our senior photos. To this day, we avoid bangs.” ― Tegan Higgins, a 51-year-old influencer who runs @tandttwintalk on Instagram and TikTok with her twin sister

10. Thinking about makeup is a must

“I’m glad we’re starting to go more natural with our makeup trends, so we don’t see as much heavy contouring anymore. Pamela Anderson set an example by appearing naked. I like it. We should celebrate more natural looks and features as the new normal.” ― Mette Sørrig Andersen, 53 year old content creator

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