BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg highlights ‘damaged’ housing

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg put a tough question to Minister Michael Gove this weekend when she asked who was “destroying” the housing sector.

On his Sunday show with Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC journalist asked the Housing and Housing Minister: “You yourself said the system is broken. Who solved it?”

Gove was quick to blame population growth, pressure on mortgage financing and a lack of new home building.

And when Kuenssberg mentioned who was responsible in this sector and how they could be held accountable, the Housing Minister replied: “Oh, of course!”

The host asked Gove whether he would end Section 21 no-fault eviction notices before the next general election.

“Yes, we have a bill,” Gove said. He insisted it would be banned and the courts would have the money to enforce it.

She also asked him about the “very, very striking” number currently living in temporary housing.

According to London City Council data released last August, one in 50 Londoners is homeless.

“Is it acceptable for many people to live temporarily in one of the richest countries in the world?” Kuenssberg asked.

Gove admitted that was not true, and said he was “determined” to bring the figures down.

However, he said “the pressure is so great” that he could not promise that he would succeed in bringing down the statistics, and he again blamed population changes and the economic difficulties facing people in the country.

Kuenssberg stated: “There have been 16 housing ministers in consecutive years.

“It’s impossible to imagine that it’s not a problem here, it’s just that the government hasn’t focused enough on the problem, and hasn’t addressed it.”

Gove responded by saying this was a “category error”, and claimed a million homes would soon be built as early as 2019.

“One million homes in five years is running short of your target,” the broadcaster said.

Kuenssberg then asked Gove to explain why people had waited so many years for social housing.

He dodged the question and said generally that they needed more homes – but blamed Labor for voting against Tory legislation to introduce more homes.

The opposition voted to block the government’s plan to roll back environmental regulations to boost housing construction in September.

Kuenssberg claims Gove actually sounds like a “housing campaigner” by admitting the system is broken.

He continued: “In fact, you are someone who had been a minister in successive governments for 14 years when this situation got worse.”

“Some people might think there is no shame in accusing others of this,” the journalist added.

“No, I have mentioned one specific example,” Gove replied.

He was also caught using his mobile phone at the start of the program as Kuenssberg introduced his guests – including Gove himself.

Gove was caught using his phone early in the programmeGove was caught using his mobile phone at the start of the program

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