All The Critics Are Saying The Same Thing About Masters Of The Air

While Salturn may have varying opinions, one thing most critics agree on is Barry Keoghan’s lead performance in the film.

And his latest on-screen venture is proving just as popular.

The Irish actor has won praise in his new war drama Masters Of The Air, which stars Austin Butler, Callum Taylor and a host of other familiar faces.

Debuting on Friday, Apple TV+ ministers centers around a group of pilots during World War II, with critics praising the new show, which serves as a companion to 2001’s Band Of Brothers.

Here’s a selection of the reviews so far…

“This is grand, traditional television, reaching for big moments in every scene. It’s bombastic, but it makes a profit. Every time lines like: ‘The formation is falling apart’, or: ‘We’ve got a long way to go’, or: ‘Let’s get up and take them down’ appear, you’re right there with them, waiting to count the number of planes that make it back to the runway. ”

“This is one of the best and most stunning dramas you are likely to see in a very long time (…) Masters of the Air is not only beautiful to look at, with stunning production values, but also uses a combination of practical and digital effects to creating the most spectacular and harrowing aerial combat sequences seen in any medium – film or TV.”

“It didn’t take long for Masters Of The Air to kick off, and when it did: what a treat. If you’ve ever seen Band Of Brothers, of which this is a companion piece, you’ll be primed for action. But the intensity of the aerial combat scenes depicted here will amaze you.”

“A few minor quibbles aside, this is another blockbuster TV success: a vital history lesson that showcases the tension, drama and emotion of Band Of Brothers at its best.”

“The misty-eyed cinematic sheen comes straight from producer Steven Spielberg, bathing every hero he shoots in a holy light – and giving the incredible aerial action scenes the kind of weight (and budget) that wins Oscars.

“But perhaps it’s the casting directors who deserve the credit here, who assembled what feels like a class of ’24 in Butler, Turner and Keoghan, plus rising stars Darragh Cowley, Anthony Boyle, Branden Cook, Nate Mann and more.”

Austin Butler and Callum Turner lead Apple TV+'s new miniseriesAustin Butler and Callum Turner lead Apple TV+’s new miniseries

“With Butler and Turner in the captain’s chair, the company is equipped with a number of familiar faces. Sexy Irish actor Barry Keoghan plays opposite a nice and friendly guy type, Kurt, who proves too sweet for his own good, while Anthony Boyle (plays) a navigator struggling to find his wings (…) the ensemble comes together beautifully, gaining the neat mechanical hum of a B-17 engine.”

“Oscar nominees Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan provide incredible charisma as the cool pilot (…) But it’s British actor Callum Turner who steals the show (…) Watch him and you’ll feel the true soul of this evocative but epic realistically melancholic.”

“Butler, Turner, Keoghan and the others have all been outstanding. However, it would have been more satisfying if they had been given more than two-dimensional characters to play with (…) Despite its minor complaints, this is still a very watchable tribute to a group of aviators who, every time they stepped into an airplane, knew that one their feet were on the verge of death. All credit to them.”

“Keoghan, after a somewhat questionable Liverpudlian accent for Saltburn, does better with broad New York tones as Lt. Curtis Biddick, who spoke and threw punches. Gregarious, friendly and feisty (as the kids say), he’s the archetype of the ever-cheerful co-worker who you know has your back – especially when the proverbial propeller hits, which is almost always the case with The Hundredth.”

Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan, Anthony Boyle, Austin Butler and Nate Mann at the Masters Of The Air screening earlier this weekCallum Turner, Barry Keoghan, Anthony Boyle, Austin Butler and Nate Mann at the Masters Of The Air screening earlier this week

Gary Gershoff via Getty Images

“(Band Of Brothers’) legacy is complemented here by a fashionable cast led by Elvis’ Austin Butler, rising star Callum Turner and Barry Keoghan (…) Masters Of The Air may not have saved TV single-handedly, but it’s still a clear evidence of the true heroism of the Bloody Hundredth.”

“The cast and production values ​​here are second to none, although Barry Keoghan is not enough for the Saltburn booth and Ncuti Gatwa is also rare. You end up wishing they could all be somewhere else.”

The first two episodes of Masters Of The Air arrive on Apple TV+ on Friday, with new installments following each week.

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