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Talk Talk Moving Home | No Installation Fee Broadband

Talk Talk Moving Home

Talk Talk Moving Home

Talk talk Moving Home benefits for Talktalk customers, You can take your existing packages or service with you free by using Talk talk Moving home features. Here at today, we know how stressful moving can be this is why we’ve made Talk talk moving home. With us, you can book easily your house move online.

  • Just log into Talktalk my account.
  • Then under the Talktalk account detail section.
  • Look for Talktalk Home mover.

See Moving Home with talktalk Is just simple like that and If you’d prefer to speak to one of our agents simply contact us and talked to our expert at Talktalk Customer Service or you can even do Talk talk live chat before you start booking your home move.


Talk Talk Moving Home


During Talk talk Moving Home will need a few details from you such as the date you would like your services to start at your new home and whether you would like to keep your current package or move on to a new one. We will do everything we can to help you keep your phone number, this is normally possible if you’re moving to a nearby area. But if you’re moving further away it may not be possible to keep your existing Talktalk number but either way, We will let you know when you book your move so that you’re able to let your family and friends know about it.

If you’re on one of our fixed price plans you won’t have to sign a new contract for a new move. Before moving we recommend that you get in touch with anyone currently living in the property and let them know about your plans on moving your services over.


Talk Talk Moving Home
Talk Talk Moving Home

Talk talk moving home Fee


As regarding Talktalk Moving home fee, there is no such fee if you continue with your existing same plan. You have to give at least 14 days notice to talktalk so that talktalk can arrange a hassle-free move for you. You must tell your current owners regarding cancelling your order, this will help prevent any equipment going missing.

when you’re packing remember to take all your equipment with you including your router table talktalk TV box, powerline, adapters, micro filters and any cables you use. It’s a good idea to have these in one box so when you’re in your new place you can easily locate and unpack your equipment. you should just be able to plug in your equipment and get back up and running.


Talk Talk Moving Home
Talk Talk Moving Home


If you’d rather need someone, one of our engineers will come and help that’s fine too. You’ll see the option and the price online when you request your home move. The welcome part will be sent to you and to keep you up to date we will send you updates via text messages or email. You can also track and amend your order using Talktalk my account. If you need more help with this you can comment below, search in the search box below or anything else just visit talktalk.co.uk/help.



Talk Talk Moving Home FAQs:

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Talk Talk Moving Home

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  • Kevin Harrison

Absolute Joke of a company AVOID !!!
Moved home & was disconnected from old address & went through it all on phone & all accepted & activation date-sorted….Low & behold No Internet !!! Phoned up to go through being passed to several different people to be told order cancelled ???
Have to wait for someone to call back……& guess what……NO ONE DID!!!!
Please Anyone reading this Avoid these absolute Muppets at all costs.


  • Rebecca Ross 

Be aware, they will disconnect your service at old address and leave you without internet service until reconnected at new house. No notice given just disconnected. Been with TslkTalk about six months and nothing but shockingly bad customer service…poor internet service….WiFi calls constantly drop….no resolution. SHOCKINGLY BAD COMPANY OVERALL.


  • Justine Key 

why has my tiscali email suddenly stopped working.. on the phone to India… they have no idea how to help me… they are telling me they are nothing to do with Taltalk…


  • Rachael Brynn

Newton What an absolute Joke i moved home on 31st March and supose to get a line fitted on 3rd April only for them to change the appoinment without me knowing and after booking a day of work. I then booked another engineer to come on 19.05.17 but they did the same again and changed it to am when i made it clear it at to be PM i then phoned to re arrange and was changed to 22.05.17 PM but yet still recieved text and calls to confirm the appointment for 19.05.17 so everyday for 7 days i spoken to someone to confirm my appointment had been change to 22.05.17 PM only to then have an engineer to turn up on 19.05.17 luckily sum1 was in he carried out the work and i phoned talk talk twice to tell them but then recieved a bill for a missed engineers appointment for the 22.05.17, i calle dyesterday and was on the phone for 1 hour and 44 minutes passed to 4 different people who couldnt speak nor understand 1 word of english to be told that i have to pay it as i booked the appointment regardless that it wasnt my fault, and calle dtwice to confirm the appoinmtent for 22.05.17 was cancelled after confirming for 7 days on the run that my appointment was changed but they still sent an engineer anyway. i have now ben told they will contact me this morning but had no call so i have cancelled my direct debit as i will not be paying the charge which was no my fault ontop of that i have seeked legal advise regarding cancelling my contract and not paying the cancellation fee of £150.


  • Mark Bell 

How do you get someone from TalkTalk to respond in writing to a complaint made weeks ago? why should you take your package with you when you move? People promise lots of things but yet again i am disillusioned as no one at talktalk has had the courtesy to reply to my problem


  • Alan Nicholls 

I am very disappointed with the “upgrade” with Talktalk TV, where I get a list of my recordings. The new format, in my opinion is much less user friendly, I don’t need the pictures, just a legible list of recordings. Can I go back to the much better, earlier format?
Also, my mother aged 91, can’t work her’s out now, as she can’t read the titles below the pictures.
Thank you.

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