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Boris Bike Map | How to Rent Boris Bike in London

Boris Bike Map

Boris Bike Map

Today I’m gonna show you how to use Boris bike map to hire London’s cycle easily. So that you can grab yourself a bike using Boris bike map in London. If you find yourself with a nice day then you must try these Bikes in London and it will give you amazing memories. There are some things you should know before you hop on a bike.


Boris Bike App or Santander Cycles App:-

I’m gonna show you Boris Bike App process of how to actually get a bike out and start using it. First, you’re gonna need to find yourself a docking station. We’re in Hyde Park right now. There’s one behind us, we know where it is. But if you need to know where one is by where you are, you can use a Santander Cycles app or Citymapper app also tells where the nearest ones are too. And both of those apps, they will tell you how many bikes are left in each of the docking stations nearby to where you are and also how many spaces are available in case you need to put your bike into the dock.



Boris Bike Map
Boris Bike Map


Benefits of Boris Bike Map:-

  • They’re more for shorter rides than longer ones.
  • You rent one, get to where you wanna go, find a docking station and leave it there, completing the rental period.
  • Which brings me to pricing.
  • First, you pay two pounds for access to the bike system for 24 hours.
  • You will only pay two pounds for 24 hours no matter how many bikes that you take out.
  • Then each time that you take a bike out, the first 30 minutes of that rental is free.

So if you take a bike out, ride it around, and you have it for 29 minutes before you dock it, you will not pay anything in addition to the two pounds access fee.  In fact, if you take out multiple bikes and never keep them for more than 30 minutes, you will only pay two pounds for the entire day. If you take a bike out and you keep it out for more than 30 minutes, each additional 30 minutes is two pounds.


Boris Bike Map
Boris Bike Map


How to Use Boris Bike Map:-

First off, Before using Boris bike map you must also know Boris bike what we call them is a little bit interchanged. Sometimes we call them Santander Bikes, other times we all them Boris Bikes, named after our ex-mayor Boris Johnson. How the cycle system works is similar to other cities around the world. The bikes are meant to get you from point A to point B.

Know more About ex-mayor Boris Johnson Click on the link


Boris Bike Payment Option:-

You have to use Boris Bike Payment Once you’re at the docking station, you’ll need a debit or credit card to start your rental period. Oyster cards and cash are not accepted. Steps to do a Boris Bike Payment:-

  • Just pop your card into the machine.
  • Follow the instructions onscreen.
  • After that, you have to select how many bikes you want.
  • You can get up to four on one card.
  • Once you complete your purchase, you will get a printout for each bike that you rented.
  • On this printout, you will get a special code, and you plug that into the dock of the bike that you want.

It’ll make a sound saying that it’s ready to go. Pull it out and you’re good to go. Then ride away. (jazz music) Once you’re done riding, pull out one of the apps to find the nearest docking station that has a free spot.

Then you’re gonna bring your bike back, put your bike into the dock. You have to make sure you push it really hard, you’ll hear the sound go, and it will click and that will end your riding session.

Once you’re ready to get another bike, just do it all again and make sure you use the same card that you used before so the system recognizes that you’ve already paid for your access fee.


Boris Bike Map
Boris Bike Map


Things to keep in mind while using Boris Bike Map:-

Be careful when you’re riding around London. I generally recommend avoiding the busier streets around the city. Stick to the quieter back roads. I also think the best place to use bikes is in parks like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It’s very relaxed and a lot more fun. Also make sure that you mind any signs that say which footpaths you can or cannot cycle on and also if you’re back out on the streets, make sure you stay on the streets.

If you cycle on the pavement, you could get a fine. I hope you found that helpful. I have a lot of other Post that will help you with getting around London. You can read one of those by clicking the boxes below.

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