11 Celebrity Moments From Super Bowl 2024 That You Need To See

Between the high-profile halftime show and several big-budget advertising campaigns, you can usually count on the Super Bowl to bring in celebrity appearances.

But this year is really on another level.

The biggest night in American sports took place last night in the UK, meaning many of us woke up to a series of headlines about some of the most famous people in the world.

If you’re confused about where to start, here’s a helpful roundup of Super Bowl 2024 celebrity moments…

1. Let’s start with the obvious – Usher absolutely wowed with his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which featured hits from throughout his career

2. He also brought out some amazing musical guests (including the Yeah! reunion we’ve been waiting for 20 years)

Usher performs with Alicia KeysUsher performs with Alicia Keys

Lauren Leigh Bacho via Getty Images

HE played guitar in another part of Usher's setHE played guitar in another part of Usher’s set

Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

How else could Usher close the show than this?How else could Usher close the show than this?

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

3. Let’s also discuss some of the biggest Super Bowl ads of the year, including Chris Pratt channeling the Pringles guy…

5 …Michael Cera makes us smile with CeraVe…

6. …and Wicked fans were treated to an incredible minute-long first look at the show’s big screen adaptation

7. Beyoncé also delivered something truly epic with Verizon…

8. …Followed immediately by two new songs, which seem to usher in a new era for the Renaissance singer: ‘They’re ready… to release new music’

We’ll also leave this here…

Beyoncé just stole Usher’s moment if you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. Talk about both. You can.

— Mel Smith (@iamMelsmith) February 12, 2024

9. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Kansas City Chiefs won the game, resulting in this on-field moment

10. Taylor Swift was joined by some of her most famous friends in the viewing room, including Lana Del Rey and Ice Spice, as well as Travis Kelce’s mother Donna and brother JasonTaylor Swift in her Super Bowl suiteTaylor Swift in her Super Bowl suite

Steph Chambers via Getty Images

11. Unfortunately, all the celebrations took a toll on Lana

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